Salon Kits:   8 Piece luxury kit

Set Yourself Above the Competition
With Our 8-Piece Luxury Salon Kit for Only $159,000!

Kit includes:

 2 x

-200 Watt lamp technology
-650w face tanners
-Side Bodyfan console w/ controls
-10 minute session time

 2 x

-44 high intensity lamps
-650 watt face tanners
-Turbine footfan
-Quick session time

 1 x

-64 lamps of 200W
-Largest available tanning surface
-Pull-out electrical drawer
-Wide body series
-7 minute session time

 1 x
THP 24/24

-24 quartz lamps of 650W in canopy
-EZ filter removal system
-All-metal construction for optimal durability
-Stainless steel floor section
-10 minute session time

 1 x
Entropy 26

-26 quartz lamps of 550W
-5 lamps columns for uniform tanning
-Open air concept
-built in sound system
-10 minute session time

 1 x

-HP upper-body/facial tanning unit
-4750 Watts of pure HP-UVA
-Rolls on casters
-Incredible returns per square foot

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