Tanses Entropy Series
Tanses Entropy

Key Features

Luxury – Open air concept

Comfort - ergonomic design for the best possible tanning experience

Modern Styling - Stainless Steel construction, Accent lighting

Performance – 32,000 watts of tanning power for exceptional results


Canopy lamps: 28 vertical quartz lamps

Rows of lamps: 4 rows of 7 lamps each

Base lamps: 18 vertical quartz lamps

Rows of lamps: 3 rows of 6 lamps each

Lamp power: 1000 watts @ 220 volts

Unit Specs

Bed length: 98 inches

Bed width: 72 inches

Bed height: 96 inches

Session time: 10 minutes

Recommended room size: 11' x 10'

Electrical Specs

Input voltage: 220 volts, 3-phase

Breaker size: 100 amps @ 3-phase

Upgrades Available

integrated stereo system

Purchase Options

Contact for bed pricing

Equipment financing available

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