> Convex 360
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Convex 360

The Shape of Things to Come


Key Features:

  • 39 quartz lamps all-around, 360° HP lay-down bed
  • 7 rows of lamp sections for uniform tanning
  • 10 minute max. session for results faster than its nearest competition
  • Equipped with 600 Watt Plus lamps with extra long life
  • High-efficiency, 50,000 hour life expectancy on ballasts
  • Three 10” diameter exhausts to remove hot air from the room
  • No electronic control cards to break down
  • Works with adaptable single-phase or three-phase power
  • Quick vertical lamp installation and filter removal — as short as 20 seconds
  • 3 slide-out component trays
  • Fits in a 9 x 9 foot room

Visit the Convex Website for more photos and specifications!

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