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The Most Economical 10-Minute HP Bed in the World!


The THP-2424 has become the most economical 10-minute max. HP bed worldwide.
Affordable to purchase and economical to run, making it a true salon success story.

Key Features:

  • All-metal frame and body allows for optimal thermal dissipation,
    while 2 tubes efficiently exhaust produced heat
  • All-quartz 600Watt Plus vertical lamps cover the canopy
    with 4 rows of 6 (total of 24) lamps for the best uniform tanning
  • 24 2-meter long high output reflector lamps in the base section offer an extra kick of color.
  • Uses high-efficiency vertical easy-to-install lamps and single-stage filtering —
    takes less than 20 seconds to replace lamps or remove the filter
  • Individual safety switches assure the user that each lamp
    is shut down in case of any damage to the filters
  • No expense is spared in hard-wiring every individual component,
    discarding the use of any electronic control boards in order to offer the best reliability
  • The size is immense — its 'wow' factor welcomes the user
  • Electrically efficient, this equipment
    consumes only 25.3 cents of power during a full 10-minute max. session
  • No electronic boards to replace or program
  • No electric lift motors to fail
  • No lift back-up batteries to worry about
  • No plastic end-caps to crack with UV
  • No experimental electronic ballasts
  • No lamp moving systems that easily break down
  • Easy-to-install in a 9 x 9 foot room.
  • Works with adaptable single-phase or three-phase power

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