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Choose 100W, 160W or 200W Long Tubes!

Available with up to four facials


SolanaKey Features:

  • Even, uniform tanning
  • Quick tanning sessions of 10-minutes with full
    87-inch-long tanning surface to satisfy every customer
  • 12-, 15- and 25-minute exposure times also available
    with different lamps
  • Only 9 cents of power consumption for a 4 MED maximum
    tanning dosage — the lowest in the industry
  • All controls with T-Max built into stainless-steel side console
  • Colorful accent lighted stainless-steel panels
  • Extra-long-life super duty ballasts with electronic starters
    placed in self-cooling heat sinks for optimum current

Visit the Solana Sun Website for more photos and specifications!

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