> TX-44
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Wide-Body Upgrade


Key Features:

  • 8-minute max. to deliver 4 MED dosage
  • Energy-efficient bed consumes only
    12 cents of power to run a full session
  • 44, 200W lamps cover the user head to toe for a uniform tan
  • New age, high-efficiency mirror-metallic filters
    transmit 92% of usable UVA and UVB energy
  • Infrared-inhibiting glass reflector technology with dichroic coating
  • Low-cost acrylic replacement
  • All-new high-bench series makes entry an easier task
  • All-new high-output turbo foot fan along with 10 side console fans
  • An additional 23 lamp & acrylic cooling fans allow this power house to run at optimal temperature for maximum UV output

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