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Very Wide-Body Equipment

Available with up to six facials


The original frame of this unit is based on world’s very first 52-lamp, 160 Watt, 7-minute bed that was introduced to the world tanning market in 1995 by Tanses Technologies — a time when competitors' beds averaged only 24 lamps.

Key Features:

  • The proven design and the incredible profitability of this bed has made it
    the most popular money-maker for salons and gyms all across the US and Canada
  • Professional-grade equipment
  • All-metal unit with solid frame can handle any load
  • Ergonomic acrylic shape has been proven to reduce stress and allow
    for increased blood flow, producing the highest color production
  • All German-made solid components are hard-wired with no electronic cards,
    making this unit the all-time standard for reliability
  • New version with added fans and larger air inlet outlets for cooler running
  • All-new, non-tarnishing aluminum reflectors enhance output, while the
    Very Wide Body's 52 lamps plus facials offers the ultimate uniform tanning experience
  • Once called T-52s & B-52s and many are private labeled
    for the most successful tanning chains

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