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The Affordable HP Stand-Up Series!

Entropy 26


Entropy 26

  • 5-columns with no blind spots
    offering much better uniformity than the competitions' 3- or 4-column designs
  • 26 lamps of 600 Watt Plus verticals that outlast any other HP lamp
    Low power consumption allows salon owners to run this 10-minute max. stand-up
    at lower amperages (in single-phase mode) than standard stand-up units

Entropy 35

  • 5-columns of 7 lamps = 35 total lamps!
    Incredible coverage for ultra-uniform tanning
  • 600 PLUS Watts vertical lamps with double the efficiency of older 1200 Watt systems
    allow salon owners the highest profit-per-square-foot
  • No electronics
  • No doors to open, no moving wire harnesses to break
  • No floor lifts to fail

Visit the Entropy Tan Website for more photos and specifications!

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