> TT Series
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TT Series


Key Features:

  • 10-minute max., 160 Watt reflector lamp technology
  • All German-made, high-efficiency ballasts with 50,000-hour life expectancy
  • Single extra large silent overhead fan
  • Hygienic, stainless-steel floor for easy clean-up
  • Head and shoulder reflectors for enhanced shoulder tanning



  • All-chrome; solid, easy-to-wipe handles
  • Self-cooling extrusion trays to keep electrical components cool between sessions

TT-Express Plus

  • With more lamps for more intense color!


  • All-new 200 Watt technology improves toe and ankle tanning
    all in the same 10-minute max. session


  • 160 & 200 Watt versions
  • For salons that want more lamps for increased success

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