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The World's First HP Stand-Up with Floor-Mounted Tanner!

Top ViewBeam-Up from aboveVHR lamps are effective up to 8" away. In conventional stand-ups, inner-thigh areas are usually 12" away from the lamp surface.

Bottom View
Beam-Up from  below
This stand-up can tan thighs and inner-legs for perfectly even tanned legs.


Key Features:

  • 200 Watt long lamps for better shoulder and ankle tanning
  • Unique, floor-mounted, focused, 600 Watt quartz lamp
    beam to tan user's inner leg and thigh area
  • 18-inch downdraft cooling fan
  • Self-cooling ballast tray
  • Self-cooling ballast trays with 50,000-hour ballasts
  • Hygienic, stainless-steel floor
  • Large inner tanning area with 31" diameter space for the user
  • Double doors open to outside for easier entry and exit

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