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Tanses UX-32 Series
Tanses UX-32 Series

Key Features

Clam shape design for superior results

Equipped with reliable choke type ballasts

Stainless Steel side console with controls

Pull-out electrical tray for easy servicing


Canopy: 16 x high output tanning lamps

Base: 16 x high output tanning lamps

Lamp type: 71" long, bi-pin socket ends

Unit Specs

Bed length: 86 inches

Bed width: 35 inches

Session time: 7 - 15 minutes

Recommended room size: 8' x 7'

Electrical Specs

Input voltage: 220 volts, single phase

Breaker size: 30-50amps (depending on lamp selection)

Upgrades Available

160 watt high output tanning lamps

up to 4 x 400w facial tanners

Purchase Options

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Equipment financing available

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